Our debut collection assembles the best reclaimed hardwoods the world has to offer to bring you wall panels that live!

One dimensional thinking is out, and one dimensional walls are out with it!

Thank you!

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Jungle is made from the roots of felled trees. This stuff hasn’t seen much daylight for obvious reasons.
With its exceptional liquid grain texture it captures ones imagination within a sharp pixelated framework.


For those that think big and love bold, we say: Go for Gallon. Scaled-up for impact, Gallon is a true heavyweight force of nature in Wonderwall's signature tropical hardwoods.
Perfect for larger spaces.


These are vintage rail sleepers hewn by innumerable thundering locomotives. Jagger is a panel of intense warmth, richness and substance. It is dark and heavy, literally – Jagger doesn’t float. The percussive heritage of the panel continues to beat out its vibrant, timeless rhythm.



Days takes on an unmistakably sculptural form. Here the wood is both medium and subject. Fragmented, re-interpreted and then finally re-assembled by our artisans.
Very suitable for those smaller spaces that yearn for some love.



This is one of our signature panels. It’s hardwood reclaimed from redundant traditional building sources. The weather really went to work on this one, making it a diamond in the rough. Some great craftsmanship complements the natural erosion giving Wheels its unique feel of youthful antiquity.



Sleek, urbane and with more than a nod to the lounge room aesthetic. Springs is our hardwood take on the Mid-Century modern panel.
The surface has been sanded down, softening the intensity of the colours. Effortless cool. 



Mercury panels represent a selective blend of new hardwoods. Crafted principally of surplus teak, predominantly sapwood, sourced from regional industries.
The result is a modern texture, with a clean colour palette. It is also the lightest coloured panel in our collection.



Bridges is different to all others as it is made from smooth slats. Even though it is the least tactile of all our panels, Bridges effortlessly combines character and versatility.
These panels offer tremendous varied depths of tone and are available in a range of dimensions.



Geometric and organic patterns collide in this most avant-garde of panels. Conceived of furniture-grade hardwoods and embellished with traditional carvings.
This is reclaimed teak of the highest grade available.



Nice and tactile this one. Parker shares the same basic DNA as Wheels but has a more feminine feel.
Parker has the same wonderfully weathered-look Wheels has but the panels are slightly slimmer and longer, making Parker a tad more elegant.



The rugged outdoor cousin to Springs. Train drops a few of the formalities in favour of raw texture.
Here the intense natural weathering and erosion of the wood provide a strikingly effective counterpoint to its design-led framework.